Fortune - Late Nights June 2009


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I've noticed a lot of summer mixes coming out with the same tracks so I thought I'd try and play some tracks which don't normally get a run out.

Done on vinyl where possible on my beloved Technics mk5's, DJM909 Mixer and CDJ 800

It's 320 at the moment but I'll sort out a 192 version should people desire it.

Feedback and comments are always appreciated. :)

Survival - Rain Maker
Zero Tolerance - Threads
Calibre feat. Spacek - Shine
Eveson - Lazy Days
Mutt - Bright Lights, Big City
Red Eyes - The Night Is Over
Seba & Krazy - Imperial Moment
Polar - I Don’t Remember
Utah Jazz - Harlem
Calibre feat. MC Fats - Drop it Down
Nu:Tone - Crosstalk
Klute - Crosby
M.I.S.T. - Jam Hot
Seba - Forever
Bungle - Would You Do It All Again?
Zyon Base - Ghetto Blues
Big Bud - Budapest
Calibre - Turn Around
Red Eyes feat. Mutt - Sugar
D Bridge - Love’s Ugly Child
Equinox - Love Fantasy
Bachelors of Science - The Ice Dance

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