Fortnightly mix #7 - DJ Access

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Nov 29, 2001
After a short while away, the fortnightly mix is back in full effect with a mix from the man like DJ Access!

As expected, pure promo/dubplate selection from Mr Access, take a listen and post your comments in this thread pleaaase!

This mix is a few weeks old, just took some time to get it up on the site :oops:

1. MIST + High Contrast - 3AM
2. Marky - LK (MIST Remix)
3. MIST - Lover
4. Marky - Closer
5. J Majik - Capoeira
6. J Majik - No Badness
7. Bad Company - Hornet
8. Bad Company - Torpedo
9. Roni Size - Playtime
10. Roni Size - Scrambled Eggs
11. Dillinja - Live Or Die
12. Lemon D - What Bass
13. Cookie Monster - Pitchshift
14. Total Science - Ice Cubes
15. Total Science - Squash VIP
16. Drumsound + Bassline Smith - Original Badboy
17. Total Science - Turtle Wax

Stream | Download

Enjoy :slayer:

(Mix expires: 11th December 2002)


Jul 18, 2002
uk - Near-ish Oxford
downloading at the min :slayer:

boys... i hear there migth be a chance to submit a mix for the fortnightly mix thing. i just wondering if thats possible and where i can send it to...?

cheers :afro: :thumbsup:

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Nov 29, 2001
Leamington Spa, UK
Originally posted by NaturalSelektah
What label is track 13- Cookie MOnster- Pitchshift ?
This is the song with the female vocal "tell me what u want..."

Forthcoming on Infrared mate.

On New Generation EP pt 2, I belive. Out in March 2003.

Infrared running tings proper.

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