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Feel like making a thread for Warm Communications as they have come a long way as a label and they've got several releases lined up (including the off-shoot labels Pushing Red & Short Trips):

Past releases:

Our first release for 2018. ILK - The Heather/ Space Dub [WARM049]. Release date & proper audio soon. We're very pleased with this release and the talent that this young man possesses. After this will see more things by Thing & Inztanc, Naibu, Battery, Quartz & Survey. Among some other greats in dnb#warmcommunications #drumandbass #drumnbass#jungle #ilk #vinyl

Also, EHL's done a studio mix to showcase some of the forthcoming music:
1. Gremlinz & Jesta - B.S.M [Warm Communications]
2. Mako - Too Broke to Get It [Warm Communications]
3. Nativ - Stolen [Cylon]
4. Need For Mirrors & Concord Dawn - Lithograph [Warm Communications]
5. Nausika - Dominion [Blu Mar Ten Music]
6. Villem & Mcleod - Saved You [Warm Communications]
7. FD - Stripped(Jubei Remix) [Warm Communications]
8. Mako - How Do You Feel? [Warm Communications]
9. Nucleus & Paradox - Planet R [Esoteric]
10. Hydro, War & Mateba - Clair Obscur [Warm Communications]
11. Mako ft. Fields - The Gap [Metalheadz]
12. HLZ - Duel [Warm Communications]
13. Zero T & Fierce - Second Nature(Moonshine) [Quarantine]
14. Jubei - Cold Corner (ft. Steo) [ Metalheadz]
15. Friske - Cold Signal [Warm Communications]
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Big up EHL and the Warm Comms! Constantly on that quality ish.

(and yeah would be awesome if that Fracture remix of Poison saw the light of day, haha :p)