Forthcoming Sub Zero EP on Playaz


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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton
Taken from facebook..

'tracklistings for my forthcoming ep on playaz ......

why cant we see feat supreme being & grimm
Your flex (war flex)
poon vip
run n hide
broken feat grimm'

Some time in february
Teaming with Grimm, huh? His style doesn't seem very usually compatible with Sub Zero's. But if its on a tune like Protection, Grimm's input on a track could be outstanding.

Protection is that fucking tune, though.
Been pulling my hair out from waiting for Protection to finally drop. But I've loved the majority of his new releases, think it'll be hard to be disappointed.
Really strong EP. Alot better than Original Sins recent EP imo. All worth a rinse. Will be picking up when it surfaces.
Protection & Broken would probably be played more than Your Flex, Poon vip & Run n Hide, but I'm still feeling the jump up tip.
Need to hear Why Cant We See
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