Forthcoming single on Lifestyle [Shifter/Concentration]


Nov 29, 2010
East London
Concentration - It's got some real nice bass movement in here, and I like the chopped break at the end of every 16 bars, helps push the beat along nicely. I reckon a few more switch ups on the bassline would be cool. But fuck it, it's getting a release so leave it as it is I guess!

Shifter - Nice dark atmospherics in the intro, is that some granular synthesis I hear? Again, nice movement in the bass, although I would've liked the bass sound to be more energetic and epic!
yoo...thanks for the comments mate! Yea, it's gonna come out in the version that's up now, but i'll keep your feedback for the VIP's :)

Shifter : It's actually a sample of a brazilian grasshopper-like weird bug i've chopped to pieces!

Thanks for listening mate!
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