Forthcoming Signature Recordings


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Surely the whole album was mastered by him then?
I'm assuming Lewis Hopkin @ Stardelta is the one who has remastered Second Sun. He's been the one mastering the Signature releases the past several years and he's done all the recent remastering work for the Signature reissues. He is good as well. I still think Stuart Hawkes is the best though :). The original version of Second Sun was mastered by Simon Davey @ Exchange.


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The CD version of the original Second Sun release was mastered by Klute so perhaps there's digital remasters incoming too.

Be interested to hear if they sound different - I bought four copies of Second Sun, two on vinyl and two on CD (although I gave one CD copy away as a present), and having caned the vinyl at the time I just play FLACs ripped from the CD these days, and I honestly can't say that there's much of a difference in heft between them.