Forthcoming Samurai Music releases

There's a couple Antagonist tracks in that mix, also been seeing the name 'Roho' as a listed artist on Samurai mixes, I guess we'll have to wait. Samurai got a healthy roster even with the UVB guys having left the bird's nest.

Shiken's got a butt-load of tracks doing the rounds in the last 12 months, speaking of which...

Came out a couple months ago on BEB's A14 series.
For those with eagle eyes, assume what this cryptic wording implies....

"As the first Samurai Music artist LP of 2019, Gravity"

we should get another LP off Samurai before the year is out??

Unsure if this is confirmed as the other LP that Samurai are putting out this year or next, but Mako is working on an long player for the label, and if Let The Truth Be Heard / Forbenji are anything to go by, then we're in for a right treat!!! o_O


That's great news, some of my fave Mako tunes are the ones he did for Samurai and Warm Communications, def looking forward to it.
Weaponry 006

Torn - Anaxious EP (21st June)



Quality stuff!
Looks like Samurai are starting a new series of releases on the main label, called Samurai Hannya:

That teaser video didn't grab me at all, but the 3 plate series are all stellar releases! Available individually or as a bundle from Void from 17th July

The new Samurai Music series of 12"s - Samurai Hannya - are based on the mythical masks of a Noh drama (a form of traditional Japanese theatre). Hannya masks capture the stages of transformation of a female character as she undergoes a metamorphosis into a demon / ogre. This transformation is caused by deep sadness and anger, fuelled by intense jealousy. The mask embodies the resentment and fierce obsession of this character. Its horrible look gives us an impression that it is not just a grotesque monster, but that it also expresses the deep sadness of human beings. A cautionary tale of the power of negative emotions portrayed aptly in this infamous play. Hannya masks are also very popular with tattooists around the world along with many other characters and symbols from the fascinating Japanese mythology.

The 12”s for the Samurai Hannya series are named after these 3 stages / masks and feature all new tracks from the Samurai family of artists created specifically for this project. The series introduces a new Russian artist Roho, plus the first two collaborations from label head Presha (with Homemade Weapons & Ancestral Voices) alongside label regulars Homemade Weapons, The Untouchables, Torn, Artilect, Last Life, Antagonist, and for the first time on Samurai, Weaponry artists Torana.


Hannya White (Ghost) | 葵上

01. The Untouchables - Bushi Ronin
02. Ancestral Voices & Presha - Niflheim
03. Last Life - Rotterdam
04. Antagonist - Ministry

Hannya Red (Snake) | 道成寺

01. Artilect - A Message
02. Presha & Homemade Weapons - The Claw
03. Homemade Weapons & Roho - Kifuka
04. Torana - Amok

Hannya Black (Demon) | 黒塚

01. Homemade Weapons - Omen
02. Torn - Dance On The Bones
03. Homemade Weapons & Torn - Isolation
04. Roho - Totemz

Homemade Weapons - Gravity remixes 12" coming soon according to Samurai facespace story :)

I wonder who will be remixing his stuff this time? Maybe Torn or Torana will be on their
Heard a tune off Artilect's EP that's up next

Artilect - Rhythm Seeker EP (around 18th - 25th October) SMDE013


Also a brief word that he's started work on an LP for the label...
Didn't know what to expect from his 2nd ep for samurai, but i'm thoroughly impressed and I say this as someone who likes near enough every tune i've heard from him. Defo hyped for his debut lp as per above news.
Homemade Weapons - Gravity remixes 12" coming soon according to Samurai facespace story :)

I wonder who will be remixing his stuff this time? Maybe Torn or Torana will be on their

Clocked both of these in HW's latest Samurai podcast. Had no idea they were both by techno producers!!! Glad someone took on Red Tide as it's my fav of that LP

Svalsat (Donato Dozzy rmx)
Red Tide (Tommy Four Seven rmx)

Turns out it wasn't the Red Tide that's in that podcast! Strange there's another version about, maybe a vip
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Really nice to see Donato Dozzy releasing a bit of DnB!

If you don't know his work you should definitely check his mixes, absolutely fearless stuff, tempo means nothing to him, just super deep selections from everything between ambient, dub, electro, techno and dnb. I have never heard a mix of his and not found whole areas of music that I had no idea about, and he manages to make it all sound like the most naturally cohesive thing when he's playing Nucleus and Paradox next to some wigged out cosmic Disco thing and then a Homemade Weapons track.

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