Forthcoming Radio Shows

Upcoming radio shows on Tuesday Will be playing old skool 90-93

Tracks include Spam vol 1 remixes ,Reinforced,Iron Crete ep ,Hnr , Fire, Noise Factory,Raggamuffin Mayhem,Potential Badboy,Family Foundation, Express Yourself,Urban Hype, Relapsed, DJ Splix, Parsley on Ellicit,Dub Collective The Head Ep vol 1 + 2 on Risin High

8-9 pm Tuesdays

Also Wednesday show will be deep Atmospheric 94-95 Jungle rhythms

Tracks include Photek,Metalheadz TimeZone,Reinforced ,Inner city Life, Goldie,Reality, Mickey Finn,Closer to Reality + Half Step, International Rudeboys, Release ,Skool of Hard Knocks,Snake style,Source Direct,The Hoppa , Tonic,Bio Complex, Cool Breeze,Sad Story ,Dynamic Duo,I Hear You, JLM Productions,Circles, Adam F,Lord of The flies,Quicksilver,Awareness,Interrogator,Final Approach,Intranet,The Futurist,+ Alive + Kicking, Red one,Death row, Vinyl Conflicts Own

This is an hour 30 min show so more tracks being played

Wednesdays 9 - 10:30 pm

Also check out my show Saturday 3-4 will be playing some old skool 90-92 on Krisis

Take a Look at my U Tube Page all my Latest Tracks + Mini Mixes are up on there

I play Old Skool 90-93, Jungle 93-96, Classic drum + bass 96-05 + Upfront Neurofunk + Techstep

Different genre each show