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2012 has already been an exciting year for Playaz Recordings which is set to continue with a line up of stellar releases that are sure to set alight dance floors across the world. With a back catalogue that fills most DJs’ record bags and following on from the seminal success of Sub Zero's 'The Bi Polar EP', 'VIP EP' and Gridlok's Smuggler/After Midnite, it is with great pleasure that they announce the summer release schedule.

First up is newcomer to the scene, Placid with Particles/Invasion which is set for release on 23/07/2012. We will then see another volume of the mighty Flavours collection with the track listing as follows:

Various Artists 'The Flavours, Vol. 3
1: DJ Hype 'Peace Love and Unity'
2: Jaydan 'Back Here'
3: Shimah 'Origin of the Cave'
4: DJ Devize & Shookz 'Coming in Stealth'
5: Sub Zero 'Digital Blues'
6: Rewind 'Hunt Her Down'

With the release date set as 06/08/2012 you’ll need to make sure you don’t sleep on it this summer! And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your Drum and Bass needs, long time soldier Prolix comes back with his collab with Coppa to give you the immense On Like That / Feed the Habit which will be dropped on 20/08/2012.

If you’re still not content with that impressive line up there are also plans for Need 4 Mirrors EP, Lynx EP, Original Sin 'Therapy Remixes' and EP plus Various Artists 'The Flavours, Vol. 4. No dates are available yet but keep your eyes and ears peeled!

If you love your Drum and Bass varied and versatile, then Playaz Recordings have exactly what you’re looking for.

For Real DnB, keep it Real Playaz!


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Lol i reckon it will just be versions original sin has done himself. The original was sick but fucking hell seriously beating a dead horse now!!


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What's the first track in that soundcloud link? I've forgotten..

Imagine if someone like noisia or audio remixed therapy. It would never happen though.

The Watcha

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Konichi also mentioned yesterday on his facebook that Annix (Konichi & Decimal Bass) have a track signed to Playaz

Pleased to say Annix have signed a track to playaz and will be woking on more stuff throughout the year for the label!!/tomwillnohewont

as well as mentioning Annix - Ghetto Blaster is apparently lined up for Radius Recordings
not the best tune I've heard from Konichi or Annix