DnB Forthcoming on Rotten Cheese!

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Oct 28, 2011
Gloucester, UK
Forthcoming on Rotten Cheese!

Presenting to you the 2nd instalment of the undisputed heavyweight Rotten Cheese Recordings, and get ready for the Intervention!
4 upfront and in your face monster tracks, purpose built and custom made for one thing….dancefloor devastation.

Heading up the EP is the label owner himself ‘Freek’ who leads the way with his track ‘Suspect’. Intro’ing with dark and mysterious pads and strings which set the mood and tone of things to come, then a pause….. Freek unleashes this massive track! Big pounding live drums coupled with a deep sub low bass designed to literally tear the sound system apart. 'Suspect' offers that unique big dancefloor sound that so many producers strive for, but few can master!

Following up is the artist ‘Richie Stix’ who delivers a wicked steppa called ‘Keep The Change’. Using a clever combination of smooth bass, marching beats and of course the gangsta adlibs, this has all the character of a trademark Richie track! Next up is ‘Argo’ with ‘Serving Up’. Stepping out of the comfort of the traditional dnb break this unique track demonstrates the vision and creativity of a producer thinking outside the box…very big! Last and by no means least, ‘Freek’ rounds of the EP with ‘Zombies’. Make sure you listen to this at a safe distance, as infection can travel through the ear canal straight in to the brain, where you’ll lose all control of your limbs and skank out all night!

Rotten Cheese once again showing its ability to release high quality dancefloor music, and the Intervention is a testament to that!

A: Freek - Suspect
B: Richie Stix - Keep The Change
C: Argo - Servin Up
D: Freek Zombies From Outer Space

RC002 - Release Date - 26th March 2012
Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/cmp-promo/clip-rc-002-the-intervention
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