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Apr 1, 2002

Forthcoming on Phuturistic Bluez Recordings:

Blue Sonix

This is a seminal track from veteran producer Rikki Blue. Since being featured on Fabio+Grooverider's Radio 1 show it has been played by various DJs in the circuit including Mathematics,Bailey,Addiction and Peshay. Ear Candy symphonic atmospherics layered very skillfully over a rolling break sprinkled with congos in the background. The most striking and estatic breakdown that will make you shed tears of joy. It's that powerful! Male vocals are you used sparingly to add the PB requirement to the ultimate effect. If you have been to Swerve you heard this track. This is dedicated to all the BEAUTIFUL women around the world from the USA to Brazil to Italy back to the Phillipines. We Love You.

Can You Handle It
What a B-side or is it the P-side? Once again a well produced track with sunshine and happiness written all over it! This time it is the female vocals inviting the men to listen with the Title's catchy hook. Electric Bass is introduced off and on in a timely fashion. The perfect side for the perfect 12 inch(in our opinion of course).

also forthcoming from Phuturistic Bluez Recordings:

Blue Sonix- This Feeling
The Remixes

High Contrast's Disco Dub Mix. Played by the Mighty Fabio and Grooverider, Marcus Intallex and other A-List Djs.

Influx Datum Version on the Flip.

Stay tune.

Al Fougy
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