Drum & Bass Forthcoming on High R8 Digital...

Release Date - 20th Aug 2012

High R8 Digital are proud to bring to you their latest release, the earth shatteringly amazing Bit Test/ Thunderbolt by American producer Hoogs. This newcomer to the scene is guaranteed to be a household name by the end of this year and High R8 Digital Recordings will be there every step of the way.

First up is the dance floor dominator Bit Test, with its swinging bass line and wobbling synths that carry the tune forward and maintain that impressive dynamic. From the opening section, Bit Test grabs your attentions with its ominous sampling that conjures images of dark sewers and grim alley ways before unleashing a scaling monster of bass to swallow you right up! This is the perfect track for any time during your set from the opening number to the final showcase!

Up next is the lightening quick Thunderbolt which crackles and warps its way into your eardrums with its sky breaking synths. The deep undercurrent bass of the track will roar through your speakers as the twinkling samples permeate the atmosphere and crash through the sky. This is a much slower production than Bit Test but contrasts and compliments the track with its stripped back layering.

When it comes to Drum and Bass, the Americans are fast treading on the toes of seasoned British producers with their skill and versatility with producing. And it’s exactly artists like Hoogs that are responsible for this cross over. If you only invest in one release this summer, make sure it’s the seminal Bit Test/ Thunderbolt, released exclusively on High R8 Digital Recordings.

Hoogs - Bit Test

Hoogs - Thunderbolt