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    DJ Brownie proudly presents the next episode of Bun E Down, and reaching its 5th official release. It is new up and coming producer called Verdikt with his debut release.

    The Wiltshire base producer has stamped his own unique blend of bassline wobbles and old skool drums onto these tracks. This surely will not be first or the last time you will hear his name associated with us here at Bun E Down

    Want You is the leading track of the release BED005! A slow and methodical build up, leaving you in suspense just as it drops into dark raging stepper! A real nice combination of a dark rolling bass and hard hitting snares, makes this one sound very sinister. Surely one to tear up any dance fall.

    Dubplate is the other track of the release. This is a real nice roller with some sweet drums and little vocal adlibs for maximum effect.

    DJ Support for this release includes:

    Ashattack(Directors Cut), Sedo(G13), Phantom Warrior, Rowney (G13), Dominator(Biological Beats)

    The release date is: 09th April 2012

    Verdikt - Want You

    Verdikt - Dubplate