DnB Forthcoming on Blue Cheese Records 009...

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Oct 28, 2011
Gloucester, UK
Forthcoming on Blue Cheese Records 009...

Presenting yet another epic instalment on the label that’s been marked as one to watch in 2012, the mighty Blue Cheese Records!

Over the last few releases the industry’s biggest and best have shown a huge amount of support for ‘the Cheese’...artists from camps such as Metalheadz, Ram Records and Hospital have all backed the releases! Making his debut appearance on the label, John Miszt steps up with 2 deep dark rollers set to rip up any venue!

John Miszt – Sensi’tized
Presenting some of the thickest, warmest bass you’ll hear in any drum and bass track, John Miszt presents one for the smokers....Sensi’tized! Laying down hypnotic breaks with perfectly patterned reggae stabs and fx, its easy to find yourself going in to a deep herbal mind state when listening to this unique track. A clever combination of mixed genre production, adding yet another high quality track to the roster of Cheese.....Blue Cheese.

John Miszt – Suck it Up
Puff Puff, Give....if a tune could be made to represent this social activity ‘Suck it Up’ would be the one! John Miszt delivers yet another wicked track with laser sharp high hats, big pounding kicks and distorted synths all saturated in complex deep sub bass. John demonstrating with ease why he has been handpicked by Blue Cheese for his unique and precise production skills....sit back, roll up and get lost in the bass!

Listen Here: http://soundcloud.com/cmp-promo/blue-cheese-recs-009-john

Release Date: 27th February 2012
Blue Cheese 009: John Miszt – Sensi’tized/Suck it Up

Cat No: BCR009
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