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Between oceans and mountains
Aug 27, 2015
Episode 002 of the podcast is up now with a fresh 1-hour mix from myself 🙂
Inhmost - Footsteps [Huinali Recordings]
Oliver Yorke - Replaced [none60]
Akuratyde - Find My Way (Jaskin & Uneven Remix) [Modern Conveniences]
Alegria - Petrograd [Modern Conveniences]
ID - ID [Modern Conveniences]
Kharm - Memento [Modern Conveniences]
Method One - Ghost Notes (Remix) [Self-released]
Jamie Myerson - No Coast [Self-released]
Loomis - Amber Dawn [Modern Conveniences]
Jaskin & Uneven - Serpentine [Modern Conveniences]
Kharm - Hinterland [Modern Conveniences]
Synkro - Weakness (Akuratyde Remix) [Synkro Musik]
ID - ID [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Akuratyde & Kharm - Enamoured [Microfunk Music]
ID - ID (Dub)
Mystic State & Captivate - Fade Into Dust [The Chikara Project]
Kharm - Second Thought [Dispatch Recordings]
DAAT - The Running Man [Detuned Transmissions]
ID - ID [Modern Conveniences]
Tellus - Robo Groove [Squares Music]


Between oceans and mountains
Aug 27, 2015
Tellus returns to Modern Conveniences with his second EP for the label. Shrouded In Sun sees the artist refining and perfecting his unique blend of ambient atmospherics and halftime drum & bass.

“Home” sets the tone for the EP as lush filtered pads climb atop Tellus’s energetic yet restrained drum work. “Jovian Dreams” showcases his penchant for subtle melodies paired with a sparing use of breaks. The title track is an exercise in restraint as distant pianos flutter in a foggy haze of pads and atmospherics. Closing track “Lens Flare” walks along a path of staccato rhythms, punctuated by stretched vocals and Tellus’s trademark synths. Shrouded In Sun is a truly memorable EP which showcases an artist completely in his element.

Shrouded In Sun EP is available worldwide on Oct. 22nd.


Between oceans and mountains
Aug 27, 2015
This month's Modcast features an eclectic guest mix from 3VS:
ID - ID (Dub)
Akuratyde - Wonder, Love & Loss (3VS Remix) [Modern Conveniences]
ID - ID (Dub)
Monika - Luminosity [Locked Concept]
Machinedrum - Rise N Fall [Ninja Tune]
Rockwell - Everything (& U) [Darkestral Recordings]
Kiyoko - Track 3 [Samurai Horo]
Matt Fax - Aeolis Mons I (Monika Remix) [Colorize]
Naibu - Just Like You feat. Key (Fracture's Astrophonica Remix) [Horizons Music]
Flame - Watcher [Med School Music]
Om Unit - Corridor 2013 [Civil Music]
Bell Curve - Spacey (Feat. Strategy) [Worst Behavior Recs]
Radiax - Alright [Unchained Recrdings]
Paige Julia - Honor Among Thieves [Unchained Recordings]
Lakeway - Palm Trees [Diffrent Music]
3VS - Auto-Artificial [none60]
Kray - Charged [Unchained Recordings]
3VS - Don’t Wanna Let Go [Unchained Recordings]
Kumo - 90’s Dreamer [Born On Road]
Lakeway - Safe From The Storm [Unchained Recordings]
Fetus - Dark Monkey [Unchained Recordings]
3VS - In Love [Modern Conveniences]
3VS - Red Sun Drive [none60]


Between oceans and mountains
Aug 27, 2015

Method One graces Modern Conveniences with his most diverse EP to date. Running the gamut from autonomic, to atmospheric drum & bass, to music that defies labels, this is surely some of the artist’s most prolific work.

The title track harkens back to the heyday of autonomic, a proper 170 bpm excursion laden with Method One’s trademark synthesizer work. “Sunspots” drops the tempo for a retro jungle journey while “Boreal” explores the atmospheric sounds of his earlier work. “Silhouettes” is a cinematic post-rock expedition through sand-covered passages. An end credits-style closer and a truly fitting end to a remarkable EP.

Planetarium EP is available worldwide on Nov. 19th.

William Stutter

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Jul 12, 2013
all sublime and "planetarium" is right up my street, but it's the closing track that is love at first listen (just like "under the same stars" back then).
can't wait.


Between oceans and mountains
Aug 27, 2015
This month's Modcast is a gorgeous ambient guest mix from frequent ASC collaborator Inhmost:
Inhmost - Old World [Stasis Recordings]
Inhmost - Day Dream [Captured Visions]
Barefoot - ID [Dub]
Barefoot - ID [Dub]
Sciama - Changing Reflections [Auxiliary]
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Stókhos [Leftfield Records]
The Vision Reels & Barefoot - Internal Wave 4 [Captured Visions]
Inhmost - River Crossing [Huinali Recordings]
Awakened Souls & From Overseas - Passing Dreams [PITP]
36 - Signing Off [3six Recordings]
Avsluta - Mono No Aware [Knekelhuis]
Inhmost - Blissfully Unaware [Tonight’s Dream]
Inhmost - New Surroundings [Dub]
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