Forthcoming Modern Conveniences Releases

congrats, this is absolutely gorgeous.
and, due to its tempo, "dreaming in colour" will make a perfect intro/outro. with all appreciation for so many tunes with thoroughly suitable intros, when it comes to start a set, an ambient bit like this is something else imho. really hope that you and the ones like barefoot and inhmost (his "close your eyes" is a favorite of mine) keep comin' up with these. just ordered the cd-version. yay !

Thanks mate ☺️ Permanence, Undersea, When, If Ever? and Hypervigilance are all 170/85 bpm too so they're perfect for intros and outros. The next Modcast episode uses Dreaming In Colour as the intro tune and it works wonderfully.
my copy arrived slightly damaged (which is a shame, although not unusual for dhl in germany) but damn, what an album. :love:
I'm really sorry to hear that! Please check PM's, I've sent you a 50% off code to make up for it.

Oh ok, will check mate. ❤️ But just to be clear, the cd was perfectly packaged. Absolutely not your fault. It's DHL to blame again. Four of the last five cd's I've ordered has been damaged in one way or another. 🙄
Modern Conveniences is thrilled to present Compiled Vol. 1. The release compiles Eusebeia's first two EP's for Modern Conveniences while adding 3 new songs and a completely new track sequencing order which gives the album a deliberate and cohesive feel.

New tracks "Devoting Up" and "Learning Curve" help bridge the sounds between 2020's Recall EP and 2021's Transmission EP. Loomis provides an enthralling synthwave rework of "Recall" to close out the album.

Out December 2nd on digital and limited CD. Preorder available now.

Pre-order here, EP is out Jan. 27th:

Akuratyde’s Deleted Scenes EP is a collection of unique and diverse material written during the sessions for his albums Past Lives and Home Movies. Some are outtakes, some were left unfinished until recently, but their exclusion from those albums doesn’t detract from the high quality of these compositions.

The EP begins with “All We Need”, co-written with US drum & bass producer Justin Hawkes. Originally signed to Hospital Records this warm and lush track has finally found a home with this release. “Spring Walk” playfully draws inspiration from other BMTM producers like Frederic Robinson and Kimyan Law. “Panorama” pulls the listener deeper with its glossy nostalgic synthwave melodies courtesy of the elusive Croms. Closing track “Suffer In Silence” features Akuratyde’s trademark melancholy guitar melodies and was written for his aunt who tragically passed away in 2016.

Shame Hospital didn’t use that track, but you’re probably better off. I don’t think I bought anything from them last year.

Oh it wasn’t last year, it was signed to Hospital back in 2018. It was originally meant to be on my album Past Lives but there was a contract dispute and it ended up getting pulled in favor of “Come True”. It’s an old tune, I think we finished it in early 2017.
Jamie Myerson lands on Modern Conveniences with a massive extended play. Deliberate Disguises showcases Myerson's exceptional talent in creating distinctive and mesmerizing soundscapes. "Shape Without Form" features an immersive soundscape that blends intricate breakbeats with ethereal pads, creating an otherworldly atmosphere and building toward a stunning changeup. “Shade Without Color” is a loving homage to ‘90s atmospheric jungle, while "Gesture Without Motion" showcases Myerson's ability to blend contrasting sounds and textures to create a cohesive whole. The synth-heavy title track closes out the EP, effortlessly merging autonomic and synthwave.

Deliberate Disguises is available worldwide on March 24th.

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