Forthcoming Modern Conveniences Releases

Aug 27, 2015
I'm launching a new label called Modern Conveniences. I'll continue to update this thread with clips as they appear and info on future releases. Cheers!

Modern Conveniences officially launches with Redesigned Vol. 1: four signature pieces from Akuratyde’s back catalogue thoughtfully reworked by Kid Drama, Silent Dust, Jaskin & Uneven, and 3VS. While firmly rooted in the 170 tempo, the release itself is varied; from shades of autonomic and techstep to melancholic jungle and lush halftime.

Akuratyde contributes a Bandcamp exclusive remix, a dreamy interpretation of “Embrace” purposely created for relaxation or sleep.

Akuratyde - Redesigned Vol. 1

1. Plume (Kid Drama Remix)
2. November's End (Silent Dust Remix)
3. Find My Way (Jaskin & Uneven Remix)
4. Wonder, Love & Loss (3VS Remix)
5. Embrace (Dream Mix) [Bandcamp Exclusive]
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William Stutter

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Jul 12, 2013
congrats !
big fan of "plume" here, as you might know. would 've never expected to hear a remix, but in comes the drama. :gpeace:wicked one to start off with. +++++
Aug 27, 2015
Out Now:

Tellus - Liberation EP

1. Liberation
2. Down River (Feat. Akuratyde)
3. 8 Weeks
4. No Pride (Feat. QUAILS)

Modern Conveniences proudly presents Liberation by Tellus. The EP opens with the energetic title track, showcasing Tellus’s evolving sound. Reuniting with Akuratyde for their first collaboration since 2019’s epic “Tides”, the pair offer up “Down River”, a lush evolving tune with dreamy breakdowns. The EP closes with the introspective “No Pride”, featuring the vocal talent of Australian Spotify sensation QUAILS. The strength of the songwriting on this EP reminds us why Tellus is such a well-respected producer, not afraid to push himself outside of his comfort zone while retaining his signature halftime sound.

Out everywhere September 25th
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Jun 13, 2013
clips sounding great mang...def wasn't expecting something this quick hahaha. another one to bag...I love how these smaller labels are becoming my favorite.....quality releases out there at the moment.


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May 22, 2012
Tellus - Liberation EP is out today, featuring a new song we wrote together called "Down River". 😁

Thanks to everyone who has supported the release so far!
Just bagged this beautiful EP, mate. Down River is my favorite track on the EP. A really strong start for the label so far and I'm looking forward to the third release. Keep em coming!
Aug 27, 2015
Out Now:

Eusebeia graces the Modern Conveniences catalogue with a truly unique EP. Inspired by themes of technology, human memories, and how the two influence our communication with each other, Recall is thought-provoking and introspective. This EP marks somewhat of a shift for Eusebeia, more closely resembling his recent releases on his own Rebellion Electronics imprint than his trademark jungle stylings. Rumbling basslines set the foundation for sparse drum work and melodies which evoke a deep sense of melancholy and longing, perhaps for simpler times.

Eusebeia - Recall EP

1. Remind
2. Communication
3. Recall
4. Memory
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