forthcoming mix cd "enter the hive" from the Swarm [Gasm Recordings]

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by s.minus, Sep 11, 2003.

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    Sep 11, 2003
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    What up!

    Coming out on Taciturn Records is the latest project out of Philadelphia.
    The mix cd "Enter the Hive" by the Swarm features 23 of the tightest tunes
    (both released and unreleased) out of the Gasm Recordings label.

    Philadelphia has become a hot spot in the eyes of many top dnb labels with the likes of Dieselboy, Jae K, Chaos, Mason, Trust, Dstar and karl K all being signed in recent months. Tunes such as Ruff, Rugged and Raw and Soul Sista are doing exceptionally well, leading myself, as well as others, to believe that Swarm is set to do some serious things in the next year.

    "Enter the Hive" is a fantastic cd and all the tunes are homegrown (philly). The artwork is being put together by gc ( I gotta say that it's HOT!!!!) .

    For a sneak preview of the hot new mix cd "Enter the Hive" catch the audio sampler at:

    Swarm, the producer trio of Dstar, Mason, and Trust, is setting the drum n bass scene ablaze with recent signings to top dnb labels such as Gain/G2, Bad Habits, Freak, Eastside, Fuze, Intasound, and of course their
    own Gasm Recordings imprint. Encompassing a sound that is upfront yet
    versatile, Swarm exhibits a knack for kicking out heavy breakbeat-fueled
    anthems and richly arranged songs that entice the casual listener as
    readily as they move the dancefloor. Anthems such as React, Ruff Rugged and Raw and Zero Sum are being rinsed by elite djs such as Goldie, Rap, Andy C, Hype, Dieselboy and Hive.

    The CD also includes exclusive VIP mixes of Firemin, P.H.I.L.L.Y. and Ruff
    Rugged and Raw featuring Mcs Armanni Reign and Sharpness.

    Open your ears and open your mind as you prepare to Enter the Hive...
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