Forthcoming MindSawDigital Releases

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    Forthcoming CD Albums
    Andy Malex - The Story of My Life CD

    Forthcoming Digital Releases

    MSAWD001 Replicator - Everyone Must Die (AcidRain RMX)
    MSAWD002 Numek - System Noise
    MSAWD003 Sinner Inside - Soul Hunter
    MSAWD004 Core Corp - Enraged
    MSAWD005 Forbidden Society - ChaosBringer
    MSAWD006 Azrael - Entineum
    MSAWD007 Greyone - Amnesia VIP
    MSAWD008 GasMask 71 - Affraid
    MSAWD009 Andy Malex - Frozen Heart
    MSAWD010 Dabs - Love as a Weakness
    MSAWD011 GasMask 71 - The Punisher VIP
    MSAWD012 Greyone - Sacrifice
    MSAWD013 D.T.A - Final Anihilation


    MindSaw Recordings distributed by L.O.A.D MEDIA

    Breakbeat Science (USA/NYC)
    RedEye Records (UK)
    Dance Records (USA/CALIFORNIA)
    Chemical Records (UK)
    Juno Records (UK)
    Triple Vision Records (NETHERLANDS)

    Listen to The Previews Here
    Distributed by L.O.A.D Media (UK)