Forthcoming METALHEADZ!

Mikal album coming!
Metalwork (LP)

1.Journey Into The Reverb
2.Magnetic Sound
4.Random Space
7.Turn it Around
9.Doesn't Matter
10.Mikal & Visionobi - 3rd Eye
11.Scrapyard Dub
12.Break it
13.Mikal & DJ Thor - Method
14.Mikal & RIOT - Obeah Man
15.Breaks and Pads

Unexpected SWAG...

good stuff... only vaguely aware of this guy but I know he's been around for ages

Interdimensional Espionage is some proper 70s cop stake-out riddim, not enough of that style any more
some more Jem One on the way:

Audio for the vinyl release

Audio for the vinyl release

of course I prefer the 2 tunes on the B side haha
Yesss, nice one mate! Loving the Gateman break* edits on Kingdom, but Dilligence will probably be my fave on this EP, so rude! <3

(*and yes I DO realise that break probably has a proper name coming from the source Digital sampled it from probably, but I have no idea what it's called)
New info on the "25 Years Of..." project

coming around 12th March now :-/ Do you think they're holding back that John B - Up All Night (Data 3 rmx) plate for the 25 Years Of...?

also Quartz has another release on the label next year... Ciercion, around 12th March too

And what happened to that Gremlins & Jesta LP scheduled for Autumn this year?
I get a feeling everything has been put back with pressing plant / covid related delays

Last I heard online the Timeless 25 years reissue had also been put back to 2021
Quartz - Coercion EP. Around 15th Feb

A1. "Coercion"
A2. "Weird Nightmares"
B1. "Folding Water (ft. Artilect)"
B2. "Haxan Magic"



25 Years Of Metalheadz pt3

Kaotic Chemistry (aka 2 Bad Nice) - Drum Trip remixes. Around 22nd February

Drum Trip (Detboi's Trip Remix)
2.Drum Trip (Wheeler Rebuild)
3.Drum Trip (Madcap Remix)
4.Drum Trip (Detboi's Low Ends & Amens Remix) Digi only
5.Jupiter 2021 Rebuild. Digi only

I wonder what part 2 will be? 🤔
looking forward to this one!

album forthcoming it appears!
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