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Theres been a few people askin me whats coming out and wots coming when and blah blah blah! So i thought Id take this oppertuntity while im waiting for my dinner to cook ( Ive got pizza mmmmm :teeth: ) to put up some info about tunes coming from myself in the future :lickface:

CO-LAB 003 - HEIST - BOILIE / YOU GOT IT - Strictly Limited to 300 copies only and only on a promo release - Out Now (We have a big producer Remixing this too in the very near future so watchout for that ;) )

CO-LAB LIMITED 001 - ARIES - HERBSMOKE / HEIST FEAT BENNY - BLUNTED - Co Lab limited is going to be the sister label to co lab and will be... errrr ... Limited :D this should be out in the next 3 to 4 weeks on promo. Herbsmoke is currently being smashed by None other than Bailey on 1xtra. :dutty:

CO-LAB 004 - HEIST - PHILLY STYLER(JNR CARTEL REMIX)/??? - Philly Styler did really well for us as co lab's second release and a certain tommy knocker liked it so much he offered to do us a remix(Big up Tom) the flip to this will be decided very very soon, and should be out on promo in the next 6 - 8 weeks.

INNERACTIVE 14 - HEIST - HOOD BUSINESS / SUB CAGE - Not sure when this is surfacing unfortunatley, At the earilest it'll be Christmas time.

HEIST - INTA SOUL - GRID ALBUM - This woz originally coming on Blinside but do to a certain Mr Lee twisted Induvidual ringing and ringing till my phone died, it is now due on the Grid Album due Early next year. Big up Lee and all at formation :devilslay

FORESTRY SERVICE 002 - HEIST - LOYALTY - Snapped up straight away by Manchu in the states this is coming on Forestry but I have no Idea when.

HEIST - GOING ON / ??? - BINDSIDE RECORDINGS Still need to finish the flip to this as Inta soul now has another home much to Dans Anger (appologies bert), as soon as ive completed the flip i will have more info about when this 12 will drop....

IN THIS LIFE - STRIDER AND ED FUNK FEAT DIANE CHARLEMAGNE - RENEGADE HARDWARE Again I have no Idea when this is due but I believe its coming on a Renegade Hardware EP sometime before Christmas.... I hope :twitchy:

CHANGES - STRIDER AND ED FUNK FEAT DIANE CHARLEMAGNE - VALVE No release date as yet but I spoke to valve about this today and it is deffinetly coming out at some point.

TIME IS THE FIRE - STRIDER VIP MIX - MAC 2 This will be coming on Randalls Mac 2 Compilation CD sometime before the end of the year. However this mix will not be seeing a general release im sorry to say for all of those who are after it..... go n pester Randall or sumthing:teeth:

Also Forth coming on Co-Lab we have a La Roque Remix of 'You Got It' coming on Co-Lab 005 with the flip yet to be decided, More new material from myself, Aries, The force, Evo and Skitty. I also have other projects myself due but im not giving any info away as yet :razz:

thats it for now - my fuckin dinner is burnt to a crisp :cry: time to look for a dominos menu methinks :-/

Big up to everyone for your ongoing support, theres loads more where these all came from


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jesus christ Heist!!
a wonder you have any time to eat, and glad you've got all this going on. Will have to track some of these down, promise