Forthcoming Dispatch Releases


Dec 3, 2010
Found this in the news board on Surus. It lists the forthcoming releases for Dispatch which are as follows:

Skeptical & 'Mc Fokus' "Fluctuate / The Truth"
Dispatch 53: 20/02/2012

Dabs 'Subsidiary' EP
A. "Subsidiary"
B. "Time Carrier w|Safire"
C. "Oh The Horror w|Cern (Survival & Ant TC1 rmx)"
D. "Stendhal w|Amoss"
Dispatch 52: March 2012

Need For Mirrors "Donuts" / Need For Mirrors & Kiat "Badfellaz (2012)"
Dispatch 54: March / April 2012

Hybris "The Blinds" / Safire & Borderline "Rebellion"
Dispatch LTD 006: March / April 2012

Silent Witness "Potty Mouth / Things are Bad"
Dispatch 55: April 2012

Hybris "Crumbled / Ender"
Dispatch 56: April / May 2012

A lot to get hyped about! Personally very excited to hear Hybris' contribution to the Dispatch sound. Going to be a strong year for the label.

Any audio about??

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Here's one of the Hybris bits...

Knew it was worth getting excited about!
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Oh the horror was a personnel fav last year.. Really looking forward to hearing the ant and survival remix
Schedule looks immense. Ant also said Xtrah's Moondust remix of 'Mode Dustruction' is finished & due early 2012.
+ after Hybris "Crumbled / Ender" there was a sentance that mentions the following off Ant's facebook:-

"Following this we have more music from Ant TC1, Cern, Teknik, Silent Witness & Survival, Halogenix, Spinline, Amoss, Skeptical & Dub Phizix as well as an album from Octane & DLR"

Spinline - Darpa has also been confirmed for Dispatch in 2012
dispatch has been smacking it for a long time now, always fresh. so glad to see "badfellaz" get a release ive been waiting for that for years.


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Off Ant's Facebook, Dispatch 57...

A. Ant TC1 "Mode Destruction (Xtrah's Moondust rmx)"
AA. Survival & Ant TC1 "Locked (ft. Christina Nicola)"

April / May 2012
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