**Forthcoming: Consequence – Live For Never LP (EXITCD004)**


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Following on from the recent Survival album on Exit Records comes this brand new Sampler and Album from Consequence entitled ‘Live For Never’.

12″ Sampler
Cat No: EXIT017
A) Pseudo Echo Audio Link
B1) Feeling Like We Do
B2) Short Lived

CD Album
Cat No: EXITCD004
1. Long Lies Audio Link
2. From A Distance (Ft. ASC)
3. Feeling Like We Do
4. Life Is Timing (Ft. dBridge)
5. Pseudo Echo
6. 11 Circles
7. Lime Green
8. Reflex Reaction (Ft. Instra:mental)
9. Fog
10. Short Lived
11. Farewell
12. Flashes
13. A Man and A Woman

Cat No: EXITLP004
A) Fog
B) 11 Circles
C) A Man and A Woman
D) Life Is Timing (Ft. dBridge)
E) Lime Green Audio Link
F) From A Distance (Ft. ASC)
G1) Flashes
G2) Farewell
H) Reflex Reaction (Ft. Instra:mental)


The only way I remember being able to express my feelings, as a child growing up in Canada, was to play on my old Casio keyboard. Even though I was so young, in those moments I realised music was always going to be the way I expressed myself.

After years of experimenting I realised I had to find my own sound, the most crucial part of being a musician. I don’t see the point of trying to imitate other people’s sound. I cant imagine ever feeling satisfied knowing it wasn’t really my expression, but me trying to impersonate someone else.

My real passion for music developed when I moved to New Zealand and I started my first band aged 11. Some of my fondest memories are of the lunchtime concerts I would put on with my friends, jamming on the guitar never felt better. I found my greatest influences including Radiohead, Massive Attack and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Fast forward a few years and I discovered Drum and Bass, in particular the early sounds of Goldie, LTJ Bukem and Krust. I experimented with the art of mixing, a passion that has only grown. There’s something special about seeing a room full of people moving to music that I love. This pushed me into production, I figured why not try making the music that makes people move.

My initial plan for creating the album was to have no plan. I wanted to experiment with different techniques to see what I could create. This meant that the album was never going to be a straight up Drum and Bass LP. My vision of the music progressed into wanting to make something people would want to listen to at home or on their headphones as they go to work in the mornings. At the same time it had to translate to the club environment.

I aimed to create music that doesn’t fit the usual mould of Drum and Bass, yet has its ties and influences from it. When listening to the LP in its entirety, I hope that listeners will be given an insight into the way I see my surroundings. Maybe people can relate, everyone shares certain similarities in the way they feel about their life and what makes them feel certain emotions.

The title ‘’Live for Never’’ came to me when I was thinking about how human nature has developed into people feeling they can get away with anything, that our lifestyles will remain constant no matter what we do. To me this is false, the world seems to be getting darker and darker by the day, people will realise this only once it’s too late.

Nothing lasts forever and nothing lives forever.

The collaborations with dBridge, Instra:mental and ASC were natural, we share similar insights to where we feel music should be heading and what we listen to. I feel privileged to be working with these guys. In my opinion it has given ‘’Live for Never’’ a wider appeal and it opened myself up to new musical possibilities.

The music on my debut album was written to express many things at once, some of it is happiness crossed with feelings of angst, love songs and regret, but you can be the judge of whether it moves you.

Consequence was introduced to d-Bridge via mutual friends whilst touring New Zealand and after listening to some of his music, dbridge knew that he had found an artist with the potential to create an album suited to the labels ethos of writing music from the heart and not necessarily directed at the dancefloor.
d-Bridge had just started his Autonomic podcast series alongside Instra:mental with the intention of showcasing and developing artists who were thinking outside of the conventional Drum & Bass box. Consequence has become a core member of this crew who have gone on to secure an Autonomic residency at the world famous Fabric night-club and turn many heads from outside the genre such as Laurent Garnier, Skream and Actress to name a few.
The album contains collaborations with fellow Autonomic artists Instra:mental, ASC and d-Bridge and is a good representation of the versatility which Autonomic is becoming renowned for.
Each track is a piece of music in its own right, but the whole album is best listened to as one long piece that flows harmonically from start to finish through different emotions and atmospheres.



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This is unfair

Too many good albums coming out in such a short space of time. From what I've heard so far this album is going to be something special


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i think the albums due in october.

One of the many good things about living in Melbourne is im able to see Consequence at his album launch party!!! woooo.
I cant wait to here his songs through a decent system.

buy on sight


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yeah allegedly. Still waiting on Abstract Elements' first release though :lol: Basic Substance on Kos.Mos. Then Inner Disbelief after the Consequence LP- possibly Abstract Elements after that :confused:


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Wicked Album, but...
I'm half tempted to get the CD rather than the Vinyl. It seems like quite a few of the tracks on there are not at DnB tempo, and the ones that are aren't particularly mixable. Not slating the music at all though, he's a fantastic producer and it's exactly the kind of stuff I like to chill out and smoke a reefer to.

.... will still probably by the vinyl.