Forthcoming BEATPORT releases late march + 2 FREE promos inside!! 2013... Ding!

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    Greetings fellow Bassheads!

    Spring is almost here and we all love good weather and 'the birds and the bees'! But what we have in-store for you coming up in March and April of 2013, will be something to get even more excited about. We will be supplying your eardrums with some top notch production, which three of the four scheduled in for the next two months, are already set for exclusive release on BEATPORT- March 26th, 2013!

    A NEW Blistering Dubstep tune by the 'BROTHERS GRIM' and a NEW Roller-style DNB release by Bell Ringer records front man 'BLANG'. Also just to pick things up and honor your support we are also giving away a FREE EP, the NEW 'NSIGHT - PURE INSTINCTS EP' solo album. Which can be found on our new BANDCAMP account. We have some other announcements as well... so feel free to see what's poppin, tune in and 'Ring That Bell'... below!

    WE here at Bell Ringer records appreciate the continued support!
    -Much Respect



    BRD010 - NEW NIGHTMARE (single/original)


    Coming in HOT for 2013... the BROTHERS GRIM present us with yet another dancefloor destroyer!! 'New Nightmare' is one heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, mind-twisting, frequency manipulating tune!!! Indeeeed HEAVY... NEED WE SAY MORE!?

    Well we can say is that you'd be influenced by the sample we present to you here... but let us tell you the track is one fine tuned blister!

    Be on the lookout for the exclusive drop onto beatport, on 03/26/13!


    BRD009 - SYNTHETIC (single/original)
    (Drum n Bass)


    Roller Drum n Bass at its finest, presented to you by BLANG! Working hard in the lab in Southern California, BLANG has been fine tuning his sound and craft... and it shows here!! With a Deep and heavy roller! Tasty synth overlays and stabs to keep you rockin side to side and the SUB bass is a doozy!!

    Happy to announce this one will be our very first debut release onto beatport and marking BLANG's 10th track release to date with BELL RINGER records.

    Exclusive release onto BEATPORT 03.26.13!




    Forthcoming RAW bizness... and representing one-half of the group the 'DEADBEATS'. NSIGHT comes out with a FRESH solo album release, that's got that underground 'flavor in the air'!! Showing his roots on this one, the production is fine tuned and deliverable on many levels!!

    Creating a nice jungle piece with 'PURE INSTINCT'... and on the flip... 'REALITY TUNNEL', a dubbed-out, yet VERY HEAVY dubstep tune! Dark isssh for the headstrong!!! Chopped up drums/ jungle at 140 and some heavy choice of sounds that make it dirty to the max!!


    ON OUR NEW BANDCAMP profile!!


    OUT NOW// 2013

    (Multigenre/ DnB/Dubstep)


    A new concept presented by Bell Ringer records, with a focused goal on reaching out and finding true hidden talent with independent producers!

    Available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on all 4 Tracks� there is diversity (raw/ heavy/ deep) in this release and something for everyone across the board, in regards to BASS music. Make sure you nab this one up, as we feature the TOP 3 remixes of the competition by OVC, ENUF_TALK and DRONESKIE! Also� to add to the flavor, BLANG has come up with a nice solid, viable re-edit for 2013!


    BRP027 - MAKE ME FEEL (2013 REMIX)
    (Jungle/Drum n bass)


    OUT NOW for 2013!! KABOOM comes hard with a very intelligent reedit & remix of his original tune 'Make Me Feel' that was released last year! Stepping up the tempo on this one and creating a more raw, gritty, heavier vibe! Make sure you grab this one, OUT NOW for FREE... and expect some more jungle/ dnb vibes coming from this DJ/Producer out of Southern California in 2013!


    WHAT�S NEW?� SPRING 2013!!

    OUR E-STORE is now set and is in BETA form for now! Further developments and additions are being constructed as we speak but there is already some label gear for sale and a FREE tune up by KABOOM. You will be able to purchase digital releases and various merchandise, easily, right off the site!
    Go check it out here -

    We will be announcing another remix competition very soon, REMIX COMP. volume 2!! We will be hosting the competition with a track by the BROTHERS GRIM. Keep it locked as they have some filth they are about to spread upon us all.

    Also check out the new look to our website, on your smartphone -

    We are proud to announce you will now find our digital track releases on, check out our first releases... starting in March- this month!!




    Email Us, for track submissions or info, etc.: