Forthcoming Album's / LP's 2021

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It's that time again, so let have a go at running this thread for another year.

Let's hear them, as much information as you can, along with a link to some sauce for any new things. Some carried over from 2020.... here's what we know so far:


▪Eusebeia - The Sun, The Moon & The Truth LP. 3 x 12". Western Lore, around 17th December
▪Enei & Kasra - Remote Transmissions 2 x 12" LP. Critical, around 17th December.
▪Marky album on Shogun Audio??
▪MC Coppa - untitled album. Korsakov Music, date TBC
▪TBC - artist album. Modern Conveniences.
▪VA - 10 Years of Demand Records compilation, in 7 separate releases.
▪VA - Diffrent Music, later in the year.
▪VA - Redefining The Spectrum. Liquid Drum and Bass 4 Autism. After September.


▪Artilect LP on Samurai Music.

▪Calibre - Shelflife 7 LP. Signature, around 1st May 2022 for vinyl. Digital out now.
▪Commix - untitled album, Metalheadz.
▪Grey Code - Renewal album, with 12" - 6 track sampler. Metalheadz, around 28th January 2022.
▪Halogenix LP on Critical, 1985 Music or Metalheadz?
▪Homemade Weapons - Untitled LP 3. Samurai Music.
▪Mako LP on Samurai Music.
▪Monty - Hit The Lights LP. 1985 Music, around 10th December for digital / 21st January 2022 for vinyl.
▪Paul T & Edward Oberon - Strange Days 2 x 12" LP. V Recordings, around 28th January 2022.
▪Ray Keith - The Golden Years, Back To '94 Dubplate Series. 5 x 12" LP, Kniteforce Records. Around 18th March 2022
▪Seba - Ingaro LP. Secret Operations, around 25th February 2022.
▪The Upbeats - Not Forever LP / album. Vision, around February 2022 for vinyl. Digital out now.

▪Torn - Borderline 3 x 12" LP. Samurai Music, around 28th January 2022.
▪VA - 25 Years of Metalheadz. Ongoing
▪VA - Moodswings volume 4. Spearhead, around 4th January 2022.
▪VA - NQ State of Mind volume 2. The North Quarter, digital out now. Vinyl around 4th February 2022.

Unconfirmed, based on logical statements that have been made previously:

▪Heart Drive ? - maybe we'll see this at some point (stranger things have happened + that Instra:mental LP finally came out the other year)
▪Kid Drama LP on Exit or Metalheadz?
▪Logistics on Hospital?
▪Noisia - 20 years of, or remix album (Levela and Synergy both have a remix of theirs coming and Halogenix has a collab with Thijs. Be strange if they didn't put out another album before bowing out).
▪Searchlight (Beta 2 & Zero T) LP on Metalheadz, hopefully in 2022.
▪Subfocus LP? - Ram
▪VA - Commercial Suicide 100

Carried over from 2020

▪Freek & Kit swing and bass album. No label confirmed.
▪Gremlinz & Jesta LP, Metalheadz.
▪Killbox - Untitled second album, Ram?

▪Phase LP, Metalheadz.
▪Ray Keith 25 Years Of Dread album.
▪Rowney - album on G13.
▪Technical Itch - Find Your Darkness LP (looks like released in 3 parts). Tech Itch Recordings.
▪The Unsociables (Twisted Individual & Grooverider) probably on Grid or Prototype.

▪VA - 20 Years of Cylon.
▪VA - 20 Years of Grid Recordings.
▪VA - 25 Years of Metalheadz.


▪Acen - Trip To The Moon LP. Kniteforce Records.
▪Akuratyde - Home Movies. Blu Mar Ten.
▪Askel / Elere - Stimulations LP, on Soulvent.
▪BCee - Beat The System LP (10th Anniversary Edition) Spearhead.
▪BCee & Charlotte Haining - Life As We Knew It. Spearhead.
▪BCee - This Time Next Year. Album & LP. Spearhead.

▪Benny L - Reactions album. Audioporn. Vinyl LP around 30th November.

▪Black Barrel - Just Keep My Life album. Dispatch.
▪Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane 3 x 12" LP 20 Years special edition. Blackout Music.
▪Break - Dusty Demo's album. Symmetry.
▪Calibre - Shelflife 7. Signature. Digital out now.
Current Value - The All Attracting LP. Yuku Records.
▪DC Breaks - DCXV. Ram.
▪Dimension - Organ LP / CD. Dimension Records.
▪DJ Ride - Enro LP. Vision Recordings.
▪Dreadmaul - Paleolith, Bandcamp
▪DRS (& friends) - Light Language LP, on Space Cadet.
▪Dunk - Music Is My Life album. Dispatch.

▪Edlan - Landmarks LP. Liquicity.
▪Etherwood - Neon Dust LP. Hospital.
▪Elementz of Noise - Empathy Overload, Bandcamp.
▪Enea - Overview LP. Beatalistics.
▪Eusebeia - Frontier cd, Diffuse Reality.
▪Eusebeia - Principle cd, Diffuse Reality.
▪Everything's Recorded - Friday Forever LP (Clipz remix album). XL Recordings.
▪Filthy Habits - 10 tune USB on Low Down Deep.
▪Fox (& friends) - Squang Dangs In The Key Of Vibes LP. The North Quarter.
▪Fred V - Radiate LP. Hospital.
▪Furney - Stand Together LP. Deep Soul Recordings.
▪G-Dub - Dub Pack. Planet Drumz.
▪Genic - Rough Nights album. Dispatch.
▪Genotype - Detonated album. Bandcamp
▪Gold Dubs - Champagne & Asparagus LP. Born On The Road.

▪Goldie - Timeless remaster, Metalheadz.
▪Gydra - Snake Monastery LP (Eatbrain).
▪Homemade Weapons - Gravity LP repress. Samurai Music.
▪Illuvia - Iridescence Of Clouds LP. A Strangely Isolated Place.
▪Inja - Smile & Wave LP. Hospital.

▪Joaquim - Flow LP. Sable Noir.
▪Koan Sound - Polychrome LP repress. Shoshin.
▪Lenzman - A Little While Longer LP. The North Quarter.
▪London Elektricity - Rebuilding Better Worlds 3 x 12" LP, Hospital.
▪Maduk - Transformations LP. Liquicity Records.
▪Mando - Watch Your Six album. Dom & Roland Productions.
▪Mefjus - Manifest LP repress again. Vision.
▪Method One - Redacted - Part One & Two. Bandcamp.
▪NC-17 - Most Violent Year part 1. Dispatch.
▪Nu Tone - Little Spaces LP. Hospital.

▪Nuage - Archive album, Microfunk.
▪Om Unit - Retrieval. Bandcamp.

▪Pendulum - Hold Your Colour LP repress. BreakBeat Kaos.
▪Pola & Bryson - Beneath The Surface LP. Shogun Audio.

▪Response & Pliskin - Whispering Death LP. Northern Front Records.
▪Riya and Collette Warren - Two Sides Of Everything LP / album. Carnelian Music.
▪Rizzle - Twilight Tones album, with 12" sampler. Dispatch.
▪Ronin O'Blivion - Breathing Space. Omni Music.

▪Rudimental - Ground Control LP. Atlantic Records / Recordings.
▪Safire & QQQAkane - Slowly Rushing LP. Heavy Machinery Records.
▪Shiken Hanzo - Fate World's LP. Inperspective Records.
▪Sleepnet (Nik from Noisia) - First Light (Mini LP) Vision Recordings.
▪SPINNET - Perturbations album. Syhda Music
▪Soul Intent - Everything & Nothing album. Dope Plates.
▪Stretch & Enjoy - Samurai Revenge LP (3 x 12") AKO Beatz.

▪Sub Focus remix album. RAM.
▪Synkro - Collected album. Synkro Musik.

▪Tek 9 and Sonar Circle - Anachronistic LP. AKO Beatz.
▪The Untouchables - Grassroots LP. Samurai Music.
▪Trace - Retox LP. 117 Records.
▪T.R.A.C - Life In Motion LP. V-Recordings.
▪Unglued - Interplanetary Radio. Hospital.
▪VA - 25 Years of Hospital.
▪VA - Abyss Theorem album. Syhda Music.
▪VA - Atlas 1 (1985 Music).
▪VA - Audience Of None. None60.

▪VA - Blunted Breaks volume 2. Western Lore.
▪VA - Dispatched 2021. Dispatch Recordings.
▪VA - DnB 4 Peace: The Charity album.
▪VA - Epified album. Squares Music.
▪VA - Escapism 5. Liquicity Records.
▪VA - Hybrid Hooks. Defrostatica.
▪VA - Innerground 100.
▪VA - Message From The Parazone LP. Parallax Recordings.
▪VA - Outliers 3. Samurai Music.
▪VA - Outliers 4. Samurai Music.

▪VA - Pinecone Moonshine 2021 remixes.

▪VA - Ram remix album - Revolutions.
VA - Moodswings 3. Spearhead.
VA - Sofa King Sick chapter 3. Sofa Sounds.

▪VA - Soul Deep 10 Year Anniversary LP.
▪VA - Sound Therapy (?) 5 Years remix LP. 1985 Music.
▪VA - Spy Technologies 8 - Pandemic LP. DSCI4.
▪VA - Symmetry Selects volume 2. Symmetry Recordings.

▪VA - The Legacy LP. Suburban Base Records.
▪VA - Unchained: The Year Of The Ox. Unchained Recordings
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Sauce please guys? Going to be running a tighter ship for this thread
I think nu:tone peaked with Troopers... when he came out with that tune I thought he was going to pursue that kind of darker edged sound, but in fact he almost did the opposite. his last album (if that was future history?) had some good stuff on it tho...
I think nu:tone peaked with Troopers... when he came out with that tune I thought he was going to pursue that kind of darker edged sound, but in fact he almost did the opposite. his last album (if that was future history?) had some good stuff on it tho...
Yeah, this will be his first solo album in 7 years (since Future History) as he’s been doing a lot of non-production work in the meantime. He’s taken the #3 role at Hospital that Tomahawk once had and does lots of A&R stuff for them, and runs his own mastering business on the side
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