Forthcoming Album's / LP's 2020


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Not for me. I like my dnb songs to be 5-7 minutes long, not 3 minutes long like on that Netsky LP

The Watcha

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Last Life - Recon LP (around 18th September) 3 x 12"
  • A1. The Minimal
  • A2. P34
  • B1. Cassius
  • B2. Recon
  • C1. Escape
  • C2. RVNS
  • D1. Temple
  • D2. Omega
  • E1. Dipylon (with Torn)
  • E2. Down The Mine
  • F1. Tunnel
  • F2. Throes (with Homemade Weapons)

William Stutter

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Mystic State - My Own Private Island

We proudly present Mystic State's debut solo album, 'My Own Private Island'. Nearly four years in the making, this has been a labour of love for both the artists and the label and a complete and well-rounded encapsulation of their sound, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the realms of electronic music.

1. Expectations
2. If I Knew
3. Dangerous Liaison (w/ MC Fokus)
4. Mirror's Edge
5. Vessel
6. Phased Out
7. Audition
8. Love [Interlude]
9. Too Late (w/ Congi)
10. Haro Strait
11. Ashes (w/ JFO)
12. Fly (w/ Elana Montgomery)
13. My Own Private Island
14. Before You Leave

Full release (12" Smoke Grey Vinyl + Digi): Fri Sep 4th

i love it already.