Forte Brasil 2009 Mix

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    Jul 18, 2009
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    Second mix, different take. It showcases a mix of house, dnb, funk, with a touch of brazilian flair. Enjoy!

    Kronix - Culture Shock
    Artificial Intelligence - Days Of Rage
    Ramos - Ambulante
    Rudenko - Everybody (Danny ...Byrd Remix + Dub)
    Zuco 103 - Humana (London Elektricity Remix)
    DJ Marky And XRS - Distant Lover
    Mitchell & Dewbury Feat. Billie Godfrey - Beyond The Rains
    The Funky Lowlives - Latazz
    The Funky Lowlives - Latin Nights
    Clipz - Download
    Pendulum - Sounds Of Life
    Soulmatic - Self Belief
    Shock One - Polygon
    Clipz - Loud and Dirty
    The Factor - Capoeira Da Mente (Instrumental)
    Edson X - Funk Da Vitoria