Former BBC Radio 1 breakfast Dj dies

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Former BBC Radio 1 breakfast DJ Kevin Greening died from a drug overdose after taking part in a gay bondage session, an inquest heard.

Coroner Paul Knapman recorded a verdict of misadventure after the 44-year-old was found dead by police at a flat in Wandsworth, south London, on December 29, the eve of his 45th birthday.

He said: "He was found dead having indulged in unorthodox sexual behaviour involving restraint equipment and illegal drugs. I will say this is a case of misadventure."

Mr Greening had been engaged in sexual activity with his boyfriend Sean Griffin, at Mr Griffin's flat.

Mr Griffin told the inquest at Westminster Coroner's Court he'd become concerned about Mr Greening when he noticed his face was pale and the area around his mouth was grey.

Breaking down at one point, he said: "Kevin and I had a very happy and very vigorous sex life. It was not conventional by heterosexual norms perhaps but it was a sex life which was vigorous and imaginative and we enjoyed each other."

The inquest heard tests on Mr Greening's blood after his death found traces of cocaine, ecstasy and GHB.

Detective Sergeant Will Reynolds confirmed Mr Griffin was cautioned for drug possession following Mr Greening's death. He said Mr Griffin was initially arrested on suspicion of murder and taken into custody, but was "de-arrested" when the circumstances of the death had become clear.

Summing up, Dr Knapman said the pathologist's evidence had shown there was no evidence of strangulation or anything to indicate "mechanical compression" of the neck.

He said the pair had returned to the flat early on December 29, and by agreement and "totally consensually", had indulged in "unusual behaviour". He said Mr Greening died from a "mixed drugs toxicity", or overdose.