FORENSICS - My stength is my weakness.... [MINI-ALBUM]


Aug 1, 2006
Digital Sin Recordings present....

FORENSICS - My strength is my weakness my weakness is my strength [DIGISINLP05]

01 : Songs the birds sing
02 : Shelter
03 : Up at dawn
04 : Endless
05 : Headful of cloud
06 : Midnight sky
07 : Into the flood
08 : Swimming out to sea


"If ever there was an argument for the 'less is more' ethos of musical production, you can be darned sure that Forensics would be right up there fighting his case. His ability to mould these semi-industrial sounding tracks from just a few elements is astounding, and his determination to break the typical structure of what one might term dubstep seems to be something of a trademark" - SittingOvation
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