For those who are interested in my producing life till now:)

hi there folks!
I m Pieter, aka Spectrum, i m from a small town in Belgium, named Waarloos.
I started making electro mashups when i was like 15 years old or something.
At the age of 18 i made the switch to the real producing. Mostly i was remixing.
First thing i was really happy with was my entry for a white lies remix contest
I was never that into drum & bass, i couldn't understand the netsky hype here in belgium, and i wasn t fascinated in the repetitive drum patterns & breaks. That was untill about a year ago when my attitude towards drum n bass changed because of danny byrd's "rave digger". Massive album with a whole new world of sounds. Due to Danny Byrd i started listening to all the hospital artists (cheesy i know :p) and then eventually i met netsky again x). I digged a bit deeper into his non-hospital singles en really, really liked them. Via a friend of mine i discovered fred v & grafix (way before the hospital signing). I knew those guys would be big someday. Their Long Distance is really one of the best productions ever made imo :).
Inspired by those piano's and pads i made this first drum n bass tune in july 2011 Nowadays i m listening to the more soulfull album 'Brave Nu World' by Nu:Tone. Really cool chill vibe in it:)
Soulfull and jazzy is how i like it nowadays in my own recent productions:)
Please have a listen! feedback is always welcome:)
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