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Demonic Possession Recs
Ez gang,

I thought I'd drop by and introduce myself and my label that is now on it's second vinyl release. It's called 'Demonic Possession Recordings', and is focused squarely on the oldskool darkside jungle sound of late 92/93.
We only release stuff on wax, and go to great lengths to make sure the production is as authentic and grimey as can be!

I've posted below the most recent press release, and a few clips of the new tunes that came out at the end of last week - be cool to know if any peeps in here are feeling this sort of vibe? And if you want to buy one of course (very limited edition), the links are there :D

Big ups!


**NEWSFLASH!! Demonic Possession Vol.2 vinyl - Now released!**

So, you heard that big thunder storm over London earlier in the week, right?
The Met office will tell you all sorts of stories about high pressure in the atmosphere, hot air over the Atlantic, and thermal expansion above the clouds... sorry guys, none of the above! It can only mean one thing....

DEMONIC POSSESSION RECORDINGS are back!! This time with two of the filthiest oldskool darkside jungle cuts this side of 1993!
Prepare to have your soul consumed by pure evil, as we release our second piece of molten vinyl directly from the very depths of hell itself!

Available exclusively at the Demonic Possession webstore:

The price = 1 Human Soul + £7.99 + Shipping!

VERY limited edition!
The first 25 orders come with a FREE Demonic Possession fridge magnet bottle opener, perfect for cracking open a beer and calming those frayed nerves after your first listen...


SideA: FX - 'Kill Me'
SideAA: FX - 'Too Dark'