!!!!!FOR SALE!!!!!


Feb 18, 2009
Denon DN-S3500 CD Deck for sale in the leeds area! I only got this 2months ago, brand new. perfect condition. everything included (apart from original box coz i neva keep packaging, takes up too much room) but a box will be provided obviously. You can either reply to this thread or simply hit me up on myspace if ur interested! we can then agree a fair price.
Remember if u are not interested but u no sum1 that myt be interested then send them my way!
thanx in advance!




these are jus from the internet but this is the product im sellin. if u wud lyk photo's of MY actual denon dns3500 to see the condition etc. let me no n ile upload them.
i am also willing to throw in £100-£150 worth of drum 'n' bass MP3's for free... yes for free! roughly bout 100-150 tracks. iv got abit of everything from liquid to jump up, anthems to rollers also a little bit of darker stuff such as diplodocus, calyx & Teebee - submerged remix, things lyk that! so wot u waitin for! hit me up if ur interested!

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