Bass For sale - Vestax PMC-07 Pro battle mixer, excellent condition


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Hi all,

I am selling my Vestax PMC-07 Pro mixer. Needs no intro really; this is THE mixer for turntablists, even considering how old it is, 100% rock solid, no frills, and not in production any more so pretty rare, especially in the condition I have kept it in.

I bought it back in 2004, but it has been in storage for the past four years. It is wasted on me now because I have moved away from scratch DJing. It has been well looked after. The crossfader and upfaders still glide nicely.

It is a first generation model, and a US import made in Japan, and it has a gold top plate which I think is limited edition and now rare.

I bought it for more than £700, and would be prepared to sell it for £300.

I can send pictures and provide more information if there is interest. Can't quite get the hang of the attachment function on this program.

It would ideally be pick-up only, but I would consider posting if necessary. I live in south-west London.

My email is, so please get in touch if you have any questions.