For Sale For SALE - Torque - No U Turn Very Good Condition

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    The darkest drum and bass label of all time and the label that brought us; Ed Rush.
    When this album dropped in 1997 the lights went off, the raves went industrial.
    A classic that sounds terrifying ten years down the line.
    One of the most important dnb cuts."

    "No one hit harder than No U Turn at the time the sounds Nico coaxed out of his studio take some beating.."

    “Darkside” drum ‘n’ bass existed before No U-Turn, but Torque was its point of no return."

    "this is when drum and bass became dark. no u turn records started it all and
    this is one of the first albums that defined the drum and bass sub genre, techstep.
    one of the best drum and bass/jungle albums ever made."

    Sleeve is in good condition and the vinyl is in very good condition (almost Near Mint). very rare piece of Drum & Bass history!!

    £20 ono