For Sale Pocket Surfer 2 !!!


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Its about 5 months old been out of the box like twice i sold it on ebay but never got the money :mad: in the end they sent it back with a chip of paint of the top :chainsaw: !!

Here's what it looks like (isn't a pic of my one but exactly the same)

Basically its a portable internet device can't be bothered to go into much detail about it so just look here to see what it is /does

Its comes with everythink it had when it came out of the shop manuals,cables,charger,cd & a case !!
Never been used for more than 10 mins (where i couldnt use it at my old job) Anyone interested pm or leave a comment in here !!

£60 ovno

Here's some info about it for those that are 2 lazy to click a link

Technical Details

  • Independent self-contained unit with built-in GPRS modem and SIM
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 5 hours battery life for active usage, and 5 days standby
  • Built-in high performance antenna
  • Transreflective backlit display
  • 640 x 240 VGA colour
  • Mini USB charger
  • Mouse pointer
  • Backlit QWERTY keyboard
  • Sub 7 second page-load
  • Web browsing in original layout
  • Weight – 174 grams
  • Dimensions - 152 x 75 x 15 mm

It's ridiculously thin and weighs fuck all !!