for sale: flashback(tumpa),something out there rmxs,watchingwindows(die amen mix),etc

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    Aug 8, 2002
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    north cockitback!!!...
    the following are for sale... whoever offers me the most money gets the record(s), simply... keep in mind when making offers that some of these (if not all) were limited edition, and are highly sought after... all records are in excellent condition, w/ no skips at all (i just listened through them all)...

    ray keith - "something out there rmxs (including, twisted anger, )EI3(, dillinja rmxs, and a ray keith samba mix)" - u.f.o.

    roni size/reprazent - "watching windows (die's gnarley mix)" b/w "instrumental" - talking loud

    ed rush & optical - "medicine (matrix rmx)" b/w "life crisis (origin unknown rmx)" - virus

    )EI3( & trace / )EI3( - "flashback ("tumpa")" b/w "spacewalk" - digital nation album sampler

    usual suspects / konflict - "doorway" b/w "bad acid" - renegade hardware (armegeddon album sampler)

    dom & roland - "parasite" b/w "homicide" - moving shadow

    decorum - "contrax" b/w "all mighty" - lifting spirits

    you can e-mail me @ to make your offers!...

    thanx in advance!...