For Hip Hop lovers!! THE GATHERING!

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    An in house collaborative project featuring the full MJM squad and extended family...

    Production by Skinnista, Louis Unseen, Gadget, DJ Zen-C & Skence. Including guest producers... DJ Halabi, Cranky Phatso & Brother Beatbox

    Vocal talents of Slugga Tee, EdXL, Awakening Dawn, Gadget, & Deeflux. Including guests... Diligent Fingers, Joey Gzus, Pez of Skrimshank, Baron Samedi, Dvas of TLG and ReggiiMental

    All cuts by Louis Unseen. Including guests... DJ Illas of The Shedmen & Jabba Tha Kut

    All artwork by James Greenway Illustrations, except original logo by Fraser Lyness, and banner by Louis Unseen for Millennium Jazz Designs

    The download will also include bonus music, a seven page e-booklet containing MJM artist bios, clickable links to more material, and info regarding past and future releases.

    We hope you enjoy and we thank you for you support!

    Millennium Jazz Music