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    A message to all music freaks out there!

    We have now opened the doors to a new label, a new portal of sound called “Fools Forest”. This is the result of many months of production and discussion of music and all it’s surrounding areas. The label is from Sweden and are operated by Fabian Kempe aka Ultraform and his friends.

    The music of Fools Forest can be classified as a very emotional, both hard and light yet deep sound. There is a lot of variation in genres as well, ranging from the hardest trance to the deepest wobbling dubstep and drum 'n' bass basslines. And let’s not forget the minimalism or the delightful sound of ambient which is a big part of it aswell.

    Fools Forest has four sublabels called X, Y, Z and V. Catalog numbers in the format [FOFO + sublabel + number], where each sublabel stands for a certain type of style:

    • X, is for the lovers of hardtrance and techtrance music but also for people that are generally into harddance music.
    • Y, is the main part for broken beats, wobbly basslines and dark atmospheres. This is where drum 'n' bass and dubstep meet up as one.
    • Z, contains all elements for the more chilled evening but even here it can sometimes move into really hard beats just as it can go in the complete opposite direction as well.
    • V, is probably the most silent part of Fools Forest but they say silence is loud. Here ambient, IDM and also film score music will tell its own language.

    Fools Forest is a free label that focus on the music more then the money. All releases are given out in high quality on our homepage. :rinsed:

    But as this is a site for Drum 'n' Bass, lets talk about that then. Fools Forest are proud to present the first release from sublabel Y.


    FOFOY001 : Cathedral Of Failure - From The Abyss / Transcendental Object

    Catalog: FOFOY001
    Format: MP3, 320 kbps, Mastered
    Genre: Drum n Bass, Breakbeat
    Released: 12-01-2009
    Produced by: Sturla Hansson
    Artwork by: Marcus Cambindo

    A FROM THE ABYSS (05:41)


    We hope you will enjoy it just as much as we do, this is truly a massive release! Booom.

    Fools Forest Crew :D