Fonkah presents May 2010 Essential Drum and Bass Mix

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    Brand new mix release from Fonkah!
    ...taking a smashing neuro dancefloor tilt on this one that dissolves into very deep, trippy tekstep.

    Download or Stream via SoundCloud:


    "Venom" feat. RymeTyme - Jade
    "Scrimshanker" - Future Signal
    "Throw Down" - Prolix
    "Loot & Slaughter" - Rico (Maztek rmx)
    "Mammoth Hunt" - Dom & Roland
    "Get Ill" - Ed Rush & Optical (Prolix rmx)
    "Krakpot" - Optiv
    "Razor Sharp" - Mindscape & Jade
    "Motherboard Burning" - Maztek
    "Burner" - Eleventh Sun
    "Disorder" - Eleventh Sun
    "Odd Job" - Dom & Roland
    "The Trunk" - Fracture & Neptune
    "C.T." - Sunchase
    "Rakshash" feat. Ketz - Zeal & Litta

    Don't sleep on this one!
    Enjoy! Additional audio can always be found at

    Come out and catch Fonkah and Dregen at the AC Lounge this Thursday for BassDrive Live via Calculon's "Pacific Foundation" Radio Show.

    More info on that here:
    Pacific Foundation Radio

    Enjoy! See you this Thursday at the AC Lounge!

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