Flying Lotus Essential Mix


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Alice Coltrane - Galaxy In Turiya
Charlie Hayden and Egberto Gisomonti and Gonjasufi - Testament
Flying Lotus - Massage Situation (Stripped)
Dimlite - Sun Sized Twinkles
Flying Lotus feat Dolly - Robertaflack
Flying Lotus - Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)
Ahu - I Know All The Bitches (Bullion mix)
Heralds Of Change - Amuse
Carlos Y Gaby - Happy Summer Solstice
Pudge - Yung Infamous
Dorothy Ashby - Myself When Young
Nosaj Thing - Bach
LL - Turf Day
Flying Lotus - Infinitum (Dimlite mix)
Clark - Springtime Epigram
Burial - Shutta
Blank Blue - Blank Blue (Flying Lotus mix)
Daedelus - Im String Struck
MHE - ?
Daedelus and Madvillain - Experience/Accordion (Flying Lotus live mix)
Hudson Mohawke - Zoo0000oom
Rustie - Black Block (remix)
Teebs and Jackhigh - Idea 1 (Clutch)
Matthewdavid - Tallahassee Tapes
Martyn and Flying Lotus - Vancouver/Pet Monster Shotglass
Fulgeance - Chico (Dorian Concept mix)
Joker - Solid State
Rusko - Moanerz
Daddy Kev - Invite8
Ras G - Star Messenger
Madlib - Unreleased Gem
SAMIYAM - Cheesecake Backslap
Knowledge - Dawn
Flyamsam - Princess Toadstool
Sa-Ra - Hollywood
Muhsinah and Flying Lotus - With Me/Melt
Flying Lotus - Dissecto
Flying Lotus - Breathe
Mike Slott - Home
Flying Lotus - Sangria Spin Cycles (ambient mix)
Danny Breaks - Cosmic Dust
Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots mix)
SAMIYAM - Falafel Cannon
Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel
Slum Village - Players (instrumental mix)
Flying Lotus - Cackle
Flying Lotus - Raise It Up
Osborne - Definition Of A Breakdown
Baron Zen - Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk mix)
Mono/Poly - Needsdeodorantbitch
Chocolate Star and Nelly Furtado - Stay With Me/Promiscuous
Gonjasufi - Suzie Q
Kiing Midas - Lost (Flying Lotus live mix)
Rusko and Flying Lotus - Terminal3 / Tea Leaf (Dancers live mix)
Daedelus - Hours Minutes Seconds (beat invitational version)
Kode9 and Flying Lotus - Kryon
Zomby - Spliff Dub (Rustie mix)
Busta Rhymes - What Up
SAMIYAM - Crystal Lake
Weather Report - River People
SAMIYAM - Flintstone Car
Flying Lotus - Backpack Caviar
Radiohead - Reckoner (Flying Lotus mix)
Bjork - All Is Full Of Love
Broadcast - Winter Now
Portishead - Elysium
Linda Perhacks - Hey Now Who Really Cares
Flying Lotus - Infinitum (Exile mix)
Flying Lotus - Live Set Practice Run
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Just below the tracklist on the links are two links saying 'play' and 'download'
I think you can work the rest out for yourself.


Thanks a lot wobbie you have really made my day. Flying Lotus is my favourite artist at the moment


Shelter Birmingham
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was just about to link to this but noticed you beat me to it wobbie, niceone mate
good to know theres some others out there who love flying lotus

now when is that burial dj kicks coming out?!


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Awethum, i didnt listen to any of the others but i bet they were shite

I quote from the site, he didnt like it

"I really don't know where to start on this painful mix. Experimental=You mix for your friends who are too drunk or ignorant to tell you your music sucks and is off beat. Can't wait to hear all these crappy tracks on upcoming car adverts and gladiator movies. I never liked DJ Shadow anyways. BTW This mix syncs up perfectly with the movie wizard of oz exactly like Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon."
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