Flying dong dings bucks party goer...


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Jan 3, 2008
THE best man at a wedding was left battered and bloodied after he was hit in the head by a fast-moving dildo.
The flying phallus left Darwin architect Jure Skumavc, 31, nursing a split forehead.

Mr Skumavc said he was injured by the bullet-shaped, pink, sex toy - measuring about 12cm in length - at a bucks party to farewell friend's Peter Rolih's bachelorhood.

Mr Skumavc was still sporting a scar on his forehead at Mr Rolih's wedding nearly three weeks after being dinged by the artificial dong. The darting dildo drama unfolded on December 28 in a rented two-bedroom unit in Brisbane.

Mr Skumavc said about eight other friends joined Mr Rolih for the party.

He said a scantily clad exotic dancer appeared after awhile and was soon performing her party trick: shooting dildos at the guests.

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