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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
this somehow arrived to my inbox

ANGELFLYERS.COM - FLYER COLLECTORS' HEAVEN Tell us how you started, why, how?
in 1987, about 16 years ago I felt an affinity with club and rave flyers, was listening to music, visiting record shops, attending events and joining mailing lists. I had a good feeling that flyers would grow as a highly
profitable and emerging market which is proving to be correct.
Favourite flyers, why?
No specific one flyer, although Genesis, Biology, Hacienda, Energy and Destiny are personal favourites.
Do you provide flyers only from the United Kingdom?
We actually have flyers from all over the world.
Best time for club flyers, best designs?
Up to 1996 which is when we noticed a major decrease in A4 flyers, also the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 and Noise Act 1996 may have had a bearing on the scene as a whole.
What drum&bass/jungle stuff do you have?
In particular One Nation, Obsession, Innovation and Jungle Fever.
Any good memories of certain events, parties, times etc?
Yes, certainly those that I have mentioned, all of which at one time or another I have attended. Since 1996 it's certainly marked that we have noticed website addresses quoted on flyers.
Tell us about the artists you like?
UK artists that are well worth watching and collecting flyers of are Pez, Junior Tomlin, Urd, Kraze, Juno as well as others.
What flyers do you get most interest in, what kind of time period, what events?
Since the late 1980s, the most collectible flyers in terms of financial and sentimental value remain A4, A5 and A6 sized. Personal favourites as well as others that have characteristics that are likely to make them collectable like event, djs, mcs, location and artist.
The site when did you set it up? was setup 13 years after Angelflyers in 2000 and with the help of Carl Palmer, Webmaster and CiO has attracted many recognized website awards .
What does the site offer?
A platform for flyer collectors, media buyers and media investors involving flyer galleries, Photo exhibitions and Anime portfolios as well as interactive features news, quiz, feedback, refer and links.
Most expensive flyer, why, how, who bought it?
I valued a Dreamscape flyer at £100, 000 for a German flyer collector who was urgently completing a collection of UK flyers for a private client two years ago.
I've been commissioned to buy and sell European flyer collections for as much as £15,000 which has often seen a good return on my client's investment. Commissions are an area of the ebusiness which has reached an exciting stage.
As the Chairman and CEO, I believe that in an emerging market which is highly specialized, with few competitors allows us to have a worldwide market, market share and worldwide sales. You can expect from us an increase in integrated marketing such as articles, competitions and brochures as we continue expand.
M: 0044 7949022813

kinda gutted I threw two boxes of um out:-/

sub vibes

Dec 9, 2002
i cannot believe that someone would pay 100,000 for a flyer :mrpanic: ...surely they cannot b that rare :confused: ...but to b that lucky raver making that much off one of your flyers...i can only dream :)


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Nov 26, 2003
klusta said:
this somehow arrived to my inbox

kinda gutted I threw two boxes of um out:-/
anyone interested as i got loads of old flyers, dreamscape 1-6, fantazia..... biology......sunday roast, kaos.....
....mythology..... plus shitloads more...all original in good condition.....offers 079055 29309

dj rok-one
ben smith

full list on request


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Nov 13, 2002
oniscoid said:
to see what flyers really go for, based on thousands of eBay sales over the last 9 months, check out UK rave flyers price guide at

I'd agree with that from what I've seen, I keep seeing that Angel Flyers thing quoted, but check ebay and they're goin for 1p or more often no bids. And the AF site hadn't been updated in ages last time I looked at it.

Maybe full sets of flyers or 1st events might be worth summat. When someone offers to pay me silly money for a set of Breakneck flyers, I'll let you know!

Who knows...


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Sep 21, 2003
old flyers are great to keep and each scene produces hundreds per town .. wow. i love my old flyers, its like a postcard for your tyrippinbrain!
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