DnB Flowrian & Enea_Thank You E.P._Beatalistcs (beatdig010)


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Jan 8, 2012
Out Now!!!


 (Beatdig 010)

Flowrian – Thank You

Flowrian – Dormant Soul

Enea – Now

Enea – Lickin´

Face the cold with some warming soul music! Beatalistics again delivers vibes from the heart and wants to say THANK YOU with that. Switzerland based FLOWRIAN touching down with his second strike for Beatalistics and teaming up with none other than one part of the label-management himself, ENEA. “Thank You” greatly shows Flowrian´s musicality with its playful keys and jazzy horns. Music lovers will be thankful as well…. You´re welcome! “Dormant Soul” keeps the tasteful vibe alive. Orchestral elements and a funky bassline are interrupted by soulful and smiling breakdowns. The enormous positivity of this song makes you want to shake your body on and on. Flowrian at its best and true to himself and the one thing he loves most - music! ENEA´S debut appearance on its own imprint adequately sums up the E.P. “Now” is characterized by the typical Enea vibe – rolling drums, funky-pumping bass-notes and jazzy Rhodes grounded by veiling harmony atmospheres and clear and precise vocal samples. “Lickin´” enters the same path with pounding basskicks and a driving amen-breaky beat. Delayed Rhodes leading through the tune, that is broken by nice ´n easy, authentic drumset breaks. Beatalistic sounds = music first! Thank you!

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