DnB Flokos - Sunset


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Dec 31, 2011
Athens Greece
Hello guys. This is my first post on this forum. Yesterday i finished my first track : .
Its a chill liquid/intelligent dnb track and i would like some constructive feedback so i will get better. Im 15 years old so I still have a lot to learn. Thanks in advance :)

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hy, welcome to the forum. you should boost your drums. they are imo to quiet. i like the track. but you should really do another mixdown.
Not bad tune is pretty solid,yes snare needs some boost,also i noticed that you hats sound kinda harsh try cutting 2,4,8 khz a bit to soften them a bit..
this sounds pretty good if it's your first track!
mine sucked really hard compared to this xD

It's already been said but I agree with the boosting of the drums.
also try to make different drumbreaks for some more variation in the track.
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