FLEX INDUSTRIES presents: DRKFLX recordings

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    FLEX INDUSTRIES presents: DRKFLX recordings

    FLEX industries has been showcasing some of the finest names in production for over a decade, since before the succinct, structured sound of drum and bass, back in the days of jungle.

    In keeping with it's tradition of promoting the latest expression of drum and bass FLEX industries is preparing to launch DRKFLX recordings to bring you a new and fresh sound. DRKFLX recordings will provide a platform for the more experimental and darker side of drum and bass, outside the constraints of mainstream music, commencing with the release of it's first album and promising a strong catalogue of already established new school artists.

    Currently due to hit the shelves late summer 2007 this new concept will push out the boundaries further than ever before to explore the deepest, darkest recesses of the human mind. For the first time those who are looking for music with more edge and depth will be catered for as we cross musical frontiers by creating unique textures and noises that develope into intelligent, innovative soundscapes integrated with cutting edge beats and unconventional basslines that will still do damage as they are played out on the dance floor.

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