Flex FM ** Re - Launch **


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Flex FM ** Re - Launch **

Flex FM, through its long and occasionally turbulent history, has truly cemented its place as one of the greats of the London pirate radio scene. From the artists whose careers started with Flex, to the innovations of the station in terms of internet broadcasting, from the characters, stories and politics that contribute to Flex’s incredible story, to its return to the airwaves in 2009 after a 6 year absence, the tale of Flex FM takes us through two decades of broadcasting, music scenes that have come and gone and sea changes in youth culture and technology. Throughout all of this, Flex remained a constant presence (well, as constant as the DTI would allow) in the lives of its DJ’s and artists, and a friend and provider to thousands of young Londoners

On Friday 24th July 2009 @ 17:00 GMT....

Spread the word.... Flex FM back for 2009!!!
source - http://www.flexfm.co.uk/cms/ :not_worth


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i played on flex for a bit during 96/97
glad to hear they r coming back on

also big ups to every1 who used to be up at the studio
terroreyes, nemesis, jonnny g, kappa, cabbie, flight, rephlex, fashion, running man, and kendo(RIP).. loads of others i cant remember aswell

good station, good times