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May has been a busy month for Rom, DrumAddic & Graffix, and June is set to be no different. You can catch Rom & DrumAddic at several different locations in Toronto, Mississauga and Newmarket over the next couple of weeks. Also watch for Graffix 'Funkin' It Up' at the highly successful 'Sex In The City' Saturdays @ the Hooch, courtesy of the Furious Records crew. More dates and details to come so keep your eyes peeled!

The 'Dirty Mixes' section sees a recent laid back addition from the Flatliners, and just in time to pass around and prepare for the release of "Cardiac Arrest vol. 1" - the follow-up to Rom & DrumAddic's smasing "Life Support" series. For more information, e-mail:


OR see site for details: www.flatlinerecordsinc.net

Rom & DrumAddic present...Cardiac Arrest vol. 1 <||> TRACKLIST:
[01] Floodlight - Fresh (DOA)
[02] Tonite (Pendulum Remix) - Concord Dawn (Timeless)
[03] Fusion Dance (Klute Remix) - Ill Skillz (Illskillz)
[04] No.1 - Ebony Dubsters (Ebony)
[05] Time Crisis - Zen (Reformed)
[06] Boogeyman - Friction & Nu Balance (True Playaz)
[07] MPS GNUJ - Kevin Ranks (Up Yours)
[08] Ready For You - Josh Wink (Camouflage 5)
[09] Ghetto Messiah - Influx UK (Formation)
[10] Strictly Social (Nu:Tone) - Roni Size (Liquid V)
[11] Steppin' Stones - DJ Zinc (Bingo)
[12] Child's Play - C4 & Killahertz (Planet)
[13] Sparkplug - Probe & Silo (Infrared)
[14] Last Call - Hive (True Playaz)
[15] On And On - Nu:Logic (Hospital)
[16] Outter Space (Ed Solo Remix) - ? (Cut N Run)
[17] Nightspot - C4 & Killahertz (Planet)
[18] Spy Catcher - J.Majik & Wickaman (Infrared)
[19] Tomb Raider - Fresh (DOA)

After keeping quite busy DJ'ing for some time, the crew has decided to put more of a focus back into the production side of things. In the meantime we have posted a select few Flatline tracks for your enjoyment! Pass by the 'Track Preview' section for links and details.

*Half Track Samples Available <||> Catch The Crew Live For More Flatline Tunes*

Flatliners – Angelic Inspiration
Flatliners – Angelic Inspiration (Instrumental)
DrumAddic – Gettin' High (Quick Mix)
DrumAddic – Gettin' High (Extended Mix)
Flatliners – Odyssey
Flatliners – Zig-Zags
Flatliners – 2nd Hand Smoke

Check out the 'Gallery' for some select snapshots we have gathered of late from our romps around town.

STAY TUNED as more continues to unfold throughout the 2k4 season...same flat time...same flat channel. www.flatlinerecordsinc.net

**NOTE: Blackmarket Records returns Saturday June 12, 2004 @ the Funhaus with DILLINJA!! <||> 30hz system to be provided **