Label Flame - "Space Pioneer" EP Ft Encode!

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    Flame started electronic music production in early 2000. After much hard work, Flame was at the forefront of the successful Russian project known as Skyform. After having successful releases on local CD & Digital labels, he joined up with fellow countryman and producer Lex, to form Tenebra.

    Since 2002, Flame has been DJ'ing in clubs around Eastern Europe, gaining experience playing alongside names like Goldie, Dom & Roland, Dillinja, Paradox, Pyro, Optiv, Shroombab, Loxy, Ink and many others. This was also when Flame began taking his production in a neurofunk/tech direction, which you can still hear today. Inspired by artists he had played alongside, as well as the likes of Raiden, Sinthetix, Black Sun Empire, Ed Rush & Optical, he developed his own signature, highly respected sound.

    To date he has a lengthy back catalogue of material, spanning many respected labels as well as vinyl releases on Sudden Def & Leet with Tenebra, and incoming solo productions on the likes of Cyclone (12"), BlackSeeds (12"), Fallout, Modulate, and now Ammunition!

    Currently out now on Ammunition's 38th Digital installment, Flame's "Space Pioneer" EP featuring Encode! Big techy numbers with basslines that smash dancefloors, these have gained huge approval all across the globe by some of dnb's finest!

    Checkout clips at any of the following of your choice!

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    As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)