FL Studio templates


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Feb 4, 2009
When I make a template and put it in the templates folder, I cant see the name (letters) of the template. There is empty space that indicates there`s a template there and it loads fine when i click it but when you have a few of them its hard to know which is which.

I have only had success writing an nfo file but thats too much work.



Mar 15, 2009
Oslo atm, gimme a yell if you are here
naa dont make tamplates as i find that every track i make i want to start different, one day i might be humming along the road on a awesome drum beat and want to start there and the other i´ve been thinking of new ways to link filers and subchain kicks in a " hopefully " new way, so no i dont use em, would just whaste time for me i guess. And i think it keep you " inside the box " right away as you allways start from the same starting point with the same samples and vsts. personally i would get bored
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