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Discussion in 'Production' started by Some_People, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Hello! I'm very glad I joined the forum, as I have been reading the topics for quite some time. The reason I registered, is because I have a very serious problem with FL Studio and I've been trying to solve it for quite some time, with no success.

    I've been using the FL Studio in my desktop about two years now, so I certainly know my way around it. Recently I bought a laptop computer which I shall use with a midi keyboard for live gigs. You see, the thing is that everytime I produce something, just a simple drum line, everything sounds good. But when I add a pad on top of it, or a guitar or a bass, I immediately get those glitches, bleeps and crackles in my sound.

    When I was using the software on my desktop, I had that problem when I was using many channels all at once, which is quite understandable. But now, It's just a pad or a synth and the whole thing sounds like a 40's radio newscast.

    I'm aware that it has something to do with the PCI Latency and how priority is given to it? I read all of this somehwere, so I'm not familiar with it. Good anyone please explain to me what the problem might be (if it's the latency thing, please explain that too :p) and how to solve it? I would be eternally greatful.

    Also, I have to mention that I don't think it's a soundcard problem as I have an external sound card in which I plug my speakers and then plug the card in the laptop. Also, the problem is not transferred to a WAV/MP3 File when I export it from the studio.

    Thanx again guys :D
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    Yeah it's a latency issue, which means your cpu is trying to process too many things at once!

    Luckily, it's easy to resolve.

    Go into your options panel and click audio options. In there, there should be a buffer slider. Slide this a little to the right and try playing your track, if the problem persists, slide to the right a little more.

    Basically you want to have the slider as far to the left as possible without causing any problems.
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    ye i had this problem for a while, its a pain! but this guy ^^^ is a legend and told me what to do
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    but there is no guarantee thatll work, could just be your pc is too slow to run vstis, so resample and try again, it saves a lot of cpu power